5 Treatments To Detox Your Bladder Naturally – All Beauty Tips for women

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Bladder plays a vital role in our body, being one of the main actors responsible for storing and eliminating the urine. But did you know that this body is very vulnerable to several diseases, such as inflammations, infections, bladder overactivity or even cancer? Here are 5 natural treatments to keep your bladder healthy.

1. Detoxify your bladder twice a week!

You must take action to care for your bladder at least once to every three days. In addition, if you follow these tips, you’ll detoxify the kidneys too.

Most likely, you have to eliminate salt from your daily diet. To detoxify your bladder and kidneys once every three days, keep the following in mind:

– Don’t drink coffee, carbonated drinks or sugar drinks.
– Don’t consume too much protein foods.
– Once at every three days eat only fruits, vegetables, natural juices and water. Avoid meat (either fresh or processed), sweets and refined flour.
– Drink two liters of water every day.