How to Stop Period Leaks At Night

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Leaking at night on your period is a pain. There’s nothing worse than feeling that trickle of blood and waking up in a puddle of blood… As people with periods, these are things we’re all too familiar with. Your time of the month can be difficult enough, between cramps, bloating, fatigue so we’ve compiled some top tips for you to sleep soundly without worrying about leaking through the night.


Your time of the month is the best time to channel your inner Bridget Jones. Firstly, you’ll want to wear your comfiest pair of pants – think Granny style – large enough to cover any area that could see leaking – added bonus if they’re  frilly!

Secondly, and trust us on this, wear another pair over the first. Not only will the outer pair  hold the first pair in place, but this will provide an extra layer that’ll absorb any blood before it gets to your sheets.