8 Warning Signs During Periods Should Not Be Ignored By Any Women

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One of the main indicators for women’s health is their periods. Right period cycles of 28 days, high levels of bleeding for the first three days, reduced bleeding in the fourth and fifth day is a sign that a woman is healthy. For some woman, it can extend for 7 days. These are the signs of normal periods. But the color of bleeding, the quantity of released blood, and the time duration between two consecutive periods, when these factors start to divert from what we assume as normal, it could a sign of a health issue. So what are the major warning signs you should be looking for during periods?


Excessive and denser bleeding during periods could be a sign that endometriosis tissue present in the uterus is getting dissolved into the blood. It is a must to consult a Doctor regarding this problem. This problem can be easily treated with medications. If medications don’t help, Doctors might opt for a biopsy test to deduce the severity of the disease and treat it accordingly.