20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect

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There are certain signs which may indicate that you have cancer and you should learn to recognize them. These are the warning signs and symptoms can which your body may show:

1. Back Pain and Lower Back Pain

This kind of pain may indicate breast cancer because the tumor presses the chest and the ribs and causes pain. Moreover, it may indicate liver cancer.

2. Nail Change

If your nails are pale it may indicate liver cancer. If the nails have brown or blackish dots it may mean that you have skin cancer. Additionally, nail curving may be a sign of lung cancer.

3. Swollen Face

Red and swollen face may point to lung cancer. Lung cancer blocks the chest blood vessels and restricts the blood flow to the face.

4. Sore or Skin Lumps

These lumps may show that you deal with skin cancer or basal cell melanoma.

5. Red or Swollen Breasts

This is a clear sign of breast cancer.

6. Nipple Changes

Breast cancer usually results in inverted, flat, or sideways changes in the nipple.