18 Most Surprising Facts About Farting That Everyone Must Know

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Farting is one of the most natural body processes in human beings. While some people may hide it or some won’t, the fact is that everyone does fart. Whether at home, office, school, traveling and even sleeping, everyone farts. On average, every person farts for almost 10 to 20 times daily. This release of gas can be stinky, funny as well as embarrassing at times.

But how much exactly do you know about farting?  To provide you with all the essential information about farts, here are some astonishing fun facts about them.

The word ‘FART’

The word ‘Fart’ was originally derived from an old English word ‘Feortan’ (to break wind). The word ‘Fart’ was first introduced in the year 1632 & was defined as “to send forth as wind from the Anus”. In the middle age, people considered farts as a great means to lighten up the mood.