4 Important Rules for Cleaning the Vagina

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All women should care about their vaginal health. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and rich in beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli) which helps prevent infection and maintain its pH level. A healthy vagina will also excrete small amounts of fluid to keep it clean, such as saliva produced to help clean your mouth. Even if there is a slight disruption in the vagina, you may experience irritation or infection.

Cleaning the vagina should not just rinse. There are a number of rules that you must understand to keep the vagina not only clean, but also stay healthy. Anything?

Do not use vaginal douche
Vaginal douche is a special vaginal spray and liquid that is usually used to clean the inner vagina. Manufacturers of vaginal douches on average offer a service to clean the inside of the vagina that can help you maintain normal pH levels. But be careful, don’t be fooled by advertisements.