4 Causes of Vaginal Pain When Urinating That Should Not Be Underestimated (Plus How To Overcome It)

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Experiencing a painful vagina while urinating is certainly very excruciating. Imagine if you urinate 10 times a day, that much will also feel pain. If you have this, find out the cause and immediately consult a doctor to find out the best treatment.

Various causes of vaginal pain when urinating
1. Vaginal infection
Infection is the most frequent cause of pain in the vagina when urinating. In the medical world, vaginal infections are called vaginitis. The cause can be bacterial infections such as bacterial vaginosis, or fungal infections of Candida (candidiasis).

Vaginal yeast infection is a condition that occurs due to overgrowth. Fungal infections cause irritation of the vagina and vulva. Meanwhile, bacterial vaginosis is a type of infection caused by excessive growth of bad bacteria in the vagina.