I Had These 5 Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer (Plus How I Avoided a Misdiagnosis)

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**This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please see a qualified health professional if you have any concerns.

There’s lots of awareness about the importance of self breast exams and getting the doctor to examine your breasts. But did you know some women with breast cancer can’t feel a lump and there are other symptoms of breast cancer that could show up even earlier?

In my case, one of the symptoms I had popped up YEARS before I noticed the lump.

I’m kicking myself, because I should have taken notice of those early warning signs, but instead I ignored them, and hoped they would go away.

Imagine if I did investigated further, could I have avoided chemo, a mastectomy and radiation?

It’s important to remember that detecting breast cancer in its early stages is favourable because the prognosis is so much better for these women. I’m hoping by writing this post, I can give hindsight to another person. Remember, men can get breast cancer too! (although it’s rare).