20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect

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Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, which is expanding its foot expeditiously in the whole world. The most common reason for this recent upsurge is due to a very hectic schedule of human beings and they are growing desire to reach the pinnacle. Obesity, regular tobacco consumption, occupational carcinogens, and even alcohol consumption are stated to be some of the common reasons for this disease.

Often, cancer starts suggesting you its presence in the body through various effects that it produces on it but due to lack of knowledge, we often disregard them. So, here is a list of the common cancer signs that must not be avoided at any cost.

1.Back Pain:

Back pain is mostly very common in a woman of old age due to weak muscle mass or body mass. But, once you are sure that it is not your age that’s targeting you, then these signs might be an indication of cancer. Do visit the doctor immediately as an early diagnose can be of great help.

2.Appetite Loss:

Ovary cancer is usually marked by the very loss of appetite and does not commit the mistake of dwelling on syrups meant for increasing appetite once you feel this symptom. Instead, ask for medical advice for dodging this disease.

3.Swollen Body Parts:

If you face swelling around your neck area, armpits or groin, then there might be an indication of cancer.

4.Struggle During Swallowing Food:

Throat or lung cancer often do not allow the food to pass through the patient’s food pipe easily making the whole chewing process very much frustrating.

5.Irresistible Bleeding:

Often, people complain of bleeding constantly and even, a small bruise does not heal on time. These can be cancer evidence springing up.

6.Constant Weakness or Dizziness:

People having cancer often feel a sudden jerk of fatigue or a loss of energy. So, do not ignore these signs at any cost.

7.Pain around the pelvic region:

Ovary cancer marks its presence in the body by constant swollen pelvic region or regular cramps. These must not be taken for granted ever.

8.Strange weight loss:

A sudden and quick weight loss without any cardio or gym session is a cause of huge worry as it denotes the presence of either rectal cancer or digestive organs cancer.

9.Having a Blood Stool:

The blood stool is one of the most common symptoms found in people suffering from colorectal cancer and is a very serious sign to worry about.

10.Abdominal Cramp:

Such cramps are often an indication of colorectal cancer in the human being.

11.Sudden Weight Gain Near the Abdominal Region:

These might be due to the presence of Ovary cancer in the person suffering these issues.

12.Regular Fever:

If a person suffers from fevers on a regular scale and they often get converted into infections or allergies, then these might be due to the presence of Ovary cancer.

13.Stinging Chest Pain:

Chest pain indicates lung cancer which is very deadly for the person. So, contact the doctor immediately under such circumstances.

14. Change the Appearance of the Nail Texture of Color:

Sometimes, brown dots on your nail may be signifying skin cancer whereas a too white texture signifies a liver cancer.

15.Puffy Face:

Lung cancer often leads to a puffy face and redness near the cheek area.

16.Clumps on the Body:

If there is a presence of lumps on your body, then quickly seek medical advice as these may signify skin cancer.

17.Red and Swollen Breasts:

Breast cancer is often marked by the presence of swollen breasts. So, do not ignore these signs without meeting the doctor.

18.Changes in the Nipple Shape:

If the women notice a sudden change in the way her nipple appears, then it might be due to breast cancer.

19.Sudden Periods Even if you are Done with your Periods:

A sudden short period in between your actual period cycle indicates uterus cancer and must not be ignored at any cost.

20.Struggle During Respiration:

This indicates the presence of lung cancer in the woman’s body.


If you find even a single symptom in your body, then do not ignore it without seeking your doctor’s advice on it. In fact, meet the doctor every now and then and do get regular checkups frequently, so that any change in the normal functioning can be detected

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