10 Warning Signs You Have Thyroid Problems

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We need to discuss the warning signs you have thyroid problems.

Thyroid disease is on the rise these days. Sadly, due to our lifestyles and the toxicity of daily life our thyroids take a beating. While the problem is common many people experience symptoms that they think are normal or they don’t recognize the role their thyroid plays in them.

My first major indication that I had a serious thyroid problem was when I woke up with a panic attack. It was out of the blue and I had never experienced one before. It totally scared me!  I began to look at what could be the root of it and quickly decided that my thyroid was the culprit. 

It took me three doctors that were willing to run a full thyroid panel to discover that I had Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid condition.

Since my diagnosis, I have researched and found I had many warning signs of thyroid problems for years. I wish that I knew then what I do know. I have found that in the thick of thyroid disease, you need to become your own thyroid advocate.