10 Sneaky Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer That Every Woman Needs To Know

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Although not as mentioned in media such as lung, breast, prostate or ovarian cancer, bladder cancer is a deadly disease which affects thousands of people around the world. This type of cancer makes up 5% of all cancers in the USA compared to breast cancer which contributes to 12%. Additionally, 40-50% of people over 65 are suffering from skin cancer, while 1 in every 4 Americans is dealing with lung cancer.

Although bladder cancer doesn’t affect so many people, there are still more than 80 000 cases annually. Most of the symptoms are misdiagnosed, which makes the disease deadlier.

Bladder cancer occurs when the cells of the organ change and start behaving differently. Besides bladder cancer, changes in the organ may also cause urinary tract infections, kidney stones or benign tumors such as fibroma. There are 2 types of the disease – invasive bladder cancer, which occurs to the cells in the urothelium, and non-invasive bladder cancer, which occurs when the disease spreads to the bladder wall muscles and the connective tissues.

The usual treatments for bladder cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy. Although the symptoms are often misdiagnosed, you can and should recognize them as early as possible. Here are the main symptoms of bladder cancer: