Neck & Back Pain? Sleep Better With 9 Soothing Items That Actually Work

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At various points in my life, I’ve lived with twelve small children in a summer camp cabin, three party-loving college girls, one deviated-septum snorer, and an insomniac musician (who chose drums as his instrument). Throughout all of this, neck and back pain while sleeping was still the number one reason why I woke up tired every morning.

While chronic back and neck pain can definitely get in your way during the day, you often don’t realize the full extent of it until you’re lying on your (not so great) mattress in the dark, entirely drained, with nothing else to focus on except the throbbing along your spine. In fact, a recent study just reported that approximately two thirds of people with back pain also suffer from inadequate sleep, meaning that nighttime pain is often a huge cause of insomnia.