Goodbye Eczema!

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My first daughter was blessed with amazing skin. I NEVER put lotion on her as a baby and her skin was always beautiful and soft. My second baby seemed to get hit with everything: bad baby acne, cradle cap, and some eczema on her legs. I was excited when I got the opportunity to try Cheryl Lee Products on her skin. Although it worked amazingly, I was hesitant to share on my blog because I don’t consider her case to be “extreme,” and I didn’t want to tell other moms to try it unless I knew for sure that it would help the most severe cases. So I asked 2 of my friends who both have sons with severe cases of eczema if they would try the creams and give me their honest feedback. They were both desperate to find something that wasn’t a prescription, that wouldn’t sting, and would actually work to heal their son’s skin.

Since I’m pretty sure I have to put this disclosure on anything medical related, here it is: I am not a doctor, nor do I offer medical advice. This post is written from the personal experience of others.