Disease That Worst Than HIV and Women are More Prone Than Men

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For all of us, AIDS is one of the scariest diseases. But unluckily new life treating diseases called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) recently mankind has to face.

The epidemic spread of this disease which will cost many lives, researcher and doctors have predicted it and they in their way to find its cure.

This Deadlier disease than AIDS, Let’s get aware of it. Here are some important points about HPV.

1. An Inexhaustible Virus

This disease is considered as highly contagious; at some point of their lives, the sexually active women can acquire it.

It can be transmitted through skin-to-skin genital contact although the prime mode of transmission of HPV is through sexual intercourse.

Most of us think that condoms offer or provide full protection of our body against sexually transmitted diseases.

Though, in the case of HPV the common misconception is not true. This disease called HPV can spread through skin-to-skin contact.

The skin of female and male genitalia which left uncovered by condoms can lead to the spread of disease.

2. HPV is a Terrifying

STI has a widespread in the United States, here HPV symbolize the group of viruses which directly affect the skin as well as the moist membranes of our body.

It generally displays effects on body parts such as the anus, cervix, throat and mouth.

It is quite scary that HPV have more than 100 types which affect the skin in the form of nasty warts.