Is Baby Acne a Thing? – Mama Bear Reviews

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Apparently it is! I never knew babies could get acne. I always thought it was just one of those awkward things teenagers and sometimes adults get to make life a tad more embarrassing. Thanks hormones. But as I soon found out babies can get acne too!

Now I never realized baby acne was a thing before I had my daughter. She ended up getting this weird rash on her face around 4-6 weeks old and I, as a new Mom, freaked out! I was shocked at these tiny little white pimple type bumps that ended up all over my daughters face. I felt so bad for her. Even though she didn’t seem affected by it, it just looked painful. (Photos of before and after are featured below)

After researching different articles on baby rashes and looking at other photos of baby faces that looked similar my daughters (photo below), I came to the conclusion she had baby acne. I looked up things to help “cure” it because, while it didn’t bother her one bit, it just looked uncomfortable and painful and I couldn’t stand seeing her in “pain” (even though she really wasn’t, but like I said new-Mom paranoia).