8 Best Foods To For Healthy And Strong Teeth

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Most people know that smoking and chewing tobacco can stain teeth, as can drinking too much coffee and dark tea, because the color pigments enter the ridges and pits teeth naturally have. Foods exist, however, that help keep teeth strong and healthy inside and out.

To help keep your teeth from deteriorating, avoid sugary food such as candy and cookies. When you eat, bacteria in the mouth starts working on sugar and carbohydrates, converting them into acids that eat away at tooth enamel. This means you also should avoid foods such as potato chips and fries.

1. Cheese

Cheese almost seems like a miracle food when it comes to teeth health. It contains calcium and phosphorus, both of which help redeposit the minerals in enamel that acid has eaten away. Stick to harder cheeses, such as Swiss and cheddar; softer ones can get pressed into crevices and stay there, which won’t help your teeth if you don’t brush for a while.