The Best Folliculitis Antibiotic Creams: What You Have To Know

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Folliculitis is the inflammation of hair follicles caused by a lipophilic Malassezia (yeast) or dermatophytes, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, or a virus.

This inflammation can lead to uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms including itchiness and redness, pus-filled bumps, hair loss and sore skin.

Fortunately, there are many folliculitis antibiotic cream treatment options available.

You can buy them over-the-counter or prepare home remedies that can aid your skin to heal from this inflammation.

In this article, we shall analyze the ingredients contained in an effective folliculitis antibiotic cream and then sample some of the best folliculitis antibiotic creams on the market. Please keep in mind this website does not provide medical advice.