Shingles- Overcoming With The Help Of Essential Oils!

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Shingles Right Before the Wedding! Yikes!!!

Because we don’t have enough going on here with a daughter starting her freshman year and moving to college and another one getting married; I guess we needed a little more “excitement”! Or maybe my youngest just needs a little more attention. . .  seriously, there are better ways of getting it!

Thought it was just a rash. Oops!

#4 has Hashimoto’s disease, she was diagnosed  just before her eleventh birthday, 3ish years ago. There are sometimes rashes and other things that come along when the hormones aren’t quite regulated right. So, when she broke out in this awful rash and it wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was looking worse. I took a picture and posted it on a thyroid page I follow and asked if anyone knew what it was or had experienced it before. Within a couple of hours lots of people had commented and the large majority thought it looked like shingles.