Naturally Soothing your Eczema Without Giving up all the Food you Love

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Nine-year-old boys are a little oblivious to life sometimes.

They could probably have a frog stuck in their ear and not notice for a few weeks.

If they hadn’t had a shower in a month, I doubt they’d remind the parents they’d been forgotten.

And if a 4×4-inch spot on their leg is supremely itchy, bleeding and crusty, they might not say a word for weeks.

Weeks, I’m telling you.

I know this because I had a 9-year-old boy…who didn’t tell his parents about just such a rash…or sore…or who knows what? By the time we found it – perhaps because he was digging and scratching at it like crazy – we didn’t know if it was road rash from a fall gone infected, poison ivy, some unknown skin condition or what!