How to Cultivate Awesome Gut Health

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Newsflash: you’re only half-human! Turns out your body has roughly the same amount of bacteria as human cells. So half of you is bacteria.

Don’t freak out! They come in peace. In fact, they’re responsible for helping to keep you alive. Virtually every organ and system in your body is able to function properly because of bacteria that call your gut home.

The flipside? If that bacteria is out of whack, you can become quite unhealthy.

That’s a pretty massive impact. Knowing this, it seems we’d all want to understand how to keep our bacterial balance at an optimal level, right?

That’s what we’ve set out to do. What follows is a comprehensive guide to the gut, the microbiome, the effects of having a gut that’s healthy versus unhealthy, and the simplest ways to fix your gut health.

Spoiler: the best thing you can do is lay off the pills and feed your microbiome with polyphenol-rich foods.