5 Early Warning Signs Of Anal Cancer That You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Talk About

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Some people are embarrassed to talk about certain things with their doctor. One of those embarrassing things is the anal cancer, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about because talking with your doctor and noticing the signs can save your life. Anal cancer is uncommon and rare type of cancer that happens in the anal canal. It is caused by a genetic mutation that turns the healthy cells into abnormal. Once those cells start to grow, they get out of control and they never die. These abnormal cells eventually cause a mass tumor.

Since it’s a rare type, most signs might get overlooked. Here are the signs of anal cancer that should know:

1. Pain in the anus

Hemorrhoids can cause tenderness and pain in the anus. Sometimes that pain can be a sign of anal cancer. It will start as a mild pain and then turn into constant pain. If it’s not treated, the pain will become unbearable, which means that the cancer is spreading.