New Ways to Overcome Candida and Yeast

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Coal miners had their canary, I have the itchy spot on the base of my hairline.

Ever since I fought candida off and finally had a name for the little itchy spot on my neck that spread over my chest and arms in 2013, I figured it would be an indicator of when I’d pushed my body too far.

I hate when I’m right.

Ever since I kicked the candida back after about 6 months, with a combination of the strategies in this post and a stronger probiotic, I’d always had a bit of an itchy spot right there. But it was static. It didn’t flake or spread. But then…

After a fairly stressful fall, long work hours into the night, and a near-total abandon of self-discipline when it came to chocolate and junk food during the “holiday season” that encompasses all of November and December these days…it flared up again. Although I was still taking the same probiotics, I wasn’t 100% accurate at taking them every day, and I also was probably taking slightly less in each spoonful than when I was really attacking the active candida.