How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

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Read this article to know the possible techniques on how to get rid of strawberry legs! You might have noticed some black marks on legs, understand what they are and what causes them by scrutinizing this informative article till the end.

What are strawberry legs

If you’re unaware of what strawberry legs mean, they are the small black dots on your legs. If you have noticed something similar on your legs, then you may have strawberry legs. The term comes from its similar appearance like the seeds of strawberry.

The reason behind strawberry legs is probably the Comedone.  A comedo forms when the debris blocks the sebaceous duct and hair follicle. Open comedones are blackheads- black because of the surface pigment Melanin rather than dirt. Closed Comedones are whiteheads in which the follicle is completely blocked. People with acne on their skin are more prone to get infected by closed comedones.