Use This 10-Minute At-Home Thyroid Test to Check Your Levels

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The Barnes Thyroid Test was developed by Broda O. Barnes, M.D., Ph.D, a physician in Colorado. He found over 50 years ago that body basal temperature was a good indicator of thyroid activity, in particular, the body temperature when arising from sleep. It is Dr. Barnes opinion that this test is superior to standard blood tests to evaluate thyroid function. Blood tests only measure pituitary (TSH) and T3 hormone blood levels while temperature readings measure how much energy is actually being generated in the cells.

If the thyroid is running low, the body’s temperature will drop below normal while the body is resting or asleep. This test is performed by measuring the underarm temperature when you awaken in the morning. To develop an accurate reading the test is done for five consecutive days and the mean average is calculated. You will need a basal thermometer for this test.

Do not test when you have an infection or any other condition that would raise your body temperature.

Do not use an electric blanket for 24 hours prior to taking your temperature.