6 Best Liver cleansing drinks that detoxifies your body

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Liver is the largest organ in our body.

Anything that you eat or your body intakes, it has to go through the detoxification process.

Out Liver tries extremely hard to eliminate as much toxins as possible before passing it to the next level.

Its primary function is to detoxify your body and produce chemicals and enzymes that helps maintain good health.


When regular function of your liver gets disrupted, you start seeing symptoms such as fatty Liver, elevated cholesterol levels, elevated triglyceride levels, disrupted SGOT and SGPT levels.

One of the common reason why you liver becomes sluggish over a period of time is due to over consumption of Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking.

Even the common anti-biotic that you take has to go through the detoxification process.

Here’s what happens…