12 Cancer Warning Signs People Ignore!

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Cancer is a disease involving the abnormal growth of cells, dividing uncontrollably, and destroy the body tissues with the potential of spreading its reach across other parts as well.

Possible signs and symptoms include unhealthy weight loss, fatigue, the appearance of a lump, abnormal bleeding prolonged cough and a change in bowel movements. While these symptoms may indicate towards Cancer, there can be other factors that act as a breeding ground for the disease.

Certain forms of Cancer result in visible growth of tumors while some may not. Example – leukemia

Although there are many tests to presumptively diagnose cancer, the definite diagnosis is done by examination of a biopsy sample of the suspected cancer tissue.

Cancer is the most curable when detected in the early stages. Cancer has no particular symptoms whatsoever so it’s important for people to go for a cancer screening in order to avoid any casualty.