What The Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health!

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If you can see, your eyes are doing a lot for you.

They basically guide you around the world, tell you what colors things are, and a whole bunch of other things. It only makes sense that your eyes are able to tell you a thing or two about your health, especially if you find they’re acting a little funky lately.

If you notice any of these weird symptoms, your eyes might be trying to tell you something.

White spots.
If you wear contact lenses, you might notice a few white spots on your cornea (the clear layer on the front of your eyeball). This could be a sign of a corneal infection, which is when the cornea is damaged by a foreign object. If it’s accompanied by pain and inflammation, make an appointment to see your eye doctor. Don’t worry, it’s common. You’ll just probably have to stop wearing your contacts for a few days.