Scalp Pimples: What Causes them and how to Treat them

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Having pimples on scalp these days is nothing uncommon. Lots of people are having them. They are affecting people in all age groups. This article is going to show you how to get rid of these scalp pimples fast and naturally. I would advise that you don’t just scan through this information, but rather read it carefully. Both of my brothers have had this skin condition and by applying the methods mentioned below, they were able to successfully defeat them. Let’s move on.

What Pimples on Scalp really are, and how they affect your hair.

Pimples on scalp is a very unpleasant skin condition which involves your hair follicles to become pretty much inflamed. You should always keep in mind that scalp zits are not the same as skin acne whatsoever.

One of the biggest problems with this skin condition is that they are very, and I mean, very hard to live with. They are also very hard to reach, because they are actually buried under your hair. Brushing your hair with a comb will often that not expose them. You will recognize them as small, very itchy pustules.

What are the causes of scalp pimples breakout?

You might be surprised, but the cause of a scalp pimple breakout is unknown even to this day. Some suspect that mites, bacteria or other micro organisms which live under your skin in the areas of scalp cause these pimples.