Having Bad Breath or Halitosis? What you need to know

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It is also known as halitosis is a common problem that some of us may be experiencing. It does not only affect the sufferers but also those who are close. This causes a lot of inconveniences as it is difficult to bear with. Sometimes it is thought to be impolite to tell straight to the face of the person with bad breath. Bad breath may not ruin your body, but it surely is detrimental for a relationship or career especially if the work has to involve many social interactions.

In fact, bad breath serves as a barometer (indicator) for the health status of several different body systems. Therefore, having bad breath also means the health is not at a desired level. With the advancing technologies in the current healthcare system, the treatment for halitosis has make its way beyond flossing and surprisingly this works for most people. Mouth bacteria is known widely as the main cause of halitosis as the bacteria flourish in the gums and teeth that are hard to brush. However, studies also showed that the oral bacteria actually fully reflect the germs in the gut. These bacteria are responsible for secreting the volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) which create the foul-smelling gases and toxins and cause bad breath.