A Lump Isn’t the Only Symptom of Breast Cancer. Here Are 7 More Symptoms You Need to Know

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In between annual visits to the OB/GYN – or in some cases every three years – we women tend to do breast self-exams when we remember, and we tend to keep it simple. We lift, push, and check for lumps to make sure nothing is amiss.

If something feels too off, it freaks us out, and rightfully so. Breast cancer is nothing to fool around with, and the sooner it’s caught, the better chance we have of receiving some level of treatment.

But what about those signs and symptoms that have nothing to do with a lump?

Although mammograms help to capture abnormalities, breast cancer can affect any woman at any age.

And every woman’s symptoms will not present the same, so it’s important to pay attention to any warning signs you notice on your own.

Listed here are some things to watch out for when it comes to breast health, whether you have a noticeable lump or not. As always, confirm your suspicions by following up with your doctor.

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