The #1 Food Against Heart Attack, Stroke And Cholesterol!

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Dates are one tasty fruit that includes a lot of benefits for our health. One of the main things, they are helpful for treating stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol and hypertension. They also have a high amount of nutrients that are good for our metabolism.

Read below these 8 reasons why you should include the dates in your diet:

-They include a lot of iron

Dates are rich in iron which represents a mineral that is necessary for treating anemia, especially in pregnant women and children. If you consume 100gr of dates during the day it will give your organism 11% of the required iron intake.

The iron is also important for the red blood cells and for the hemoglobin required for the right supply of oxygen in our body.

-They are preventing diarrhea

This is possible due to the potassium they include. It helps balance the intestinal flora because it is stimulating the good bacteria.