Powerful Natural Antibiotics !!

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Apart from pills and antiseptics, there are lots of natural antibacterial substances. Some of them are even in foods we eat, this means they’re completely safe.
Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor have helped a lot of time. However we have come to know that downing so much pills all the time is unhealthy. Infact, NHS says that 10% of people who take antibiotic pills usually experience harmful side effects. Some people are even allergic to certain pills
The goodnews is, there are lots of alternatives to pills in natural foods. What’s so special about these foods is that they do more than fight bacteria, they boost the body’s immune system such that it can fight on on its own. This way, your body stays healthy longer.

Natural Antibiotics


Garlic has always been known as medicine for lots of ailments. Even though it was used then, not many of the users knew its medicinal values could partly be attributed to its antibacterial properties. Infact, in the 1700s, garlic was used to prevent plagues. Garlic has a strong antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral property that is able to protect the body from an invasion of pathogens and get rid of bacteria. Its high antioxidant property is useful in fighting against free radicals which thus leaves the immune system stronger.
Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic . It is potent in combating pathogens and protecting the body from them. It is usually present immediately garlic is crushed. Therefore, to make use of its wonderful properties, crush and eat raw, sprinkle in cooked food or add to tea.
Try to not take so much of it though, as taking concentrated garlic could increase your risk of bleeding which is especially dangerous for people who are on blood thinners or facing surgery. It is also found that it can or may decrease the potency of HIV drugs.