Is Your Body Full of Toxic Metals? Here Are the Signs to Watch For!

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If there is one thing that’s more dangerous for your body than sugar, it’s heavy metals. We don’t know it, but we consume heavy metals on a daily basis. They can be found in many processed foods, and no matter how hard you try to eat healthy food, you just cannot escape the environment. We’re exposed to heavy metals, like mercury, lead, and aluminum, on a daily basis. Not just from the air we breathe, but also from the water we drink.

Our body has a natural system for flushing out toxins—the liver works constantly trying to eliminate them. But if your diet is high in heavy metals, or you live in a heavily polluted area, your liver just cannot catch up. When we absorb these toxins, they tend to accumulate and build up inside our body. The result is toxicity. Here are 10 signs your body uses to tell you your toxin build up is high.


One of the first symptoms of exposure to a large amount of heavy metals is nausea. Your body has a hard time processing the metals, and if your heavy metal poisoning is acute, nausea will become a complementary symptom.