How To Get Rid Of Keloids – Effective Home Remedies

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Keloids are the unevenly raised scars above the skin. It may be caused due to the improper cellular signals that lead to inflammation. These keloids may be pink or red in color and tend to multiply fastly.

Keloids can be mostly seen in any part of the body like back, chest, and shoulders. Sometimes it may develop on the face too. These keloids are very sensitive to touch and causes irritation to the affected site. These keloids spread slowly for several months and seem bigger than original scars. This article gives you a discussion about how to get rid of keloids.


Generally, skin injuries may get developed into keloids. The causes are:

  • Surgery – Some major or minor surgeries lead to keloids. For example, women who had a c- section delivery will have a very big scar in their lower abdomen. After surgery, the skin cells spread rapidly to heal the scar. In unusual cases, these cells spread rapidly and form keloids. Even if it is a small surgery also, it may lead to keloids. If you get keloids for one time in your life, then you are easily susceptible to it.
  • Blisters – Blisters are the small bumps which are developed on the different parts of the body. These blisters are filled with pus, watery liquid, blood. Sometimes these blisters leave a scar behind them which leads to keloids due to the rapid multiplication of cells. These cells may grow beyond the original blisters and look embarrassed.
  • Acne –  Keloids may arise in the place of small acne. Actually, when the acne is formed, whatever may be the size, it will take some time for the skin cells to heal. During the healing process, the skin cells will multiply rapidly to form a keloid and then it will take a long time to develop into a bigger size and it will be benign. This keloid will not move from one place to another place.