Cancer Symptoms First Appear In Your Hands! Here’s How You Can Spot Them

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housands of deaths are predicted by doctors that are easily avoidable if cancer is diagnosed and treated at an early stage. If the cancer is detected at an early stage, the chances of survival increase to 70%.

According to a British Research, Cancer symptoms are first likely to appear on hands in the forms of cracks or swelling resulting in thickening of the hand and hardening of the skin. Most of the changes are visible but not very significant. Proper medical attention is to be provided on the appearance of such signs or symptoms.

Possible cancer: leukemia or lymphoma

Cancer affects the bone marrow easily in the form of various infections. The production of abnormal white cells in the bone marrow hinders the functioning of the immune system. Although, the infection is likely to appear anywhere on the body; its usual spots are often, mouth, skin or lungs.

2.Loss of appetite

Possible cancer: stomach, pancreatic, or colon

Are you experiencing a lack in your appetite and feeling as if your tummy is full even though you haven’t eaten? This is a possible sign of ovarian cancer. Pancreatic, Stomach and colon cancer can also push your stomach, resulting in loss of appetite. Consult your doctor if you happen to notice any changes in your appetite for 2 weeks or more.

3.Excessive bruising

Possible cancer: leukemia

A bruise appearing on your body after getting hurt is very normal. But if there are bruises appearing out of no reason consistently on your body, mainly places like hands toes, fingers etc.) It’s important to go to the doctor immediately. Cells of leukemia block the red blood cells which hinder the passage of oxygen, resulting in clotting of blood.

4.Weight loss or gain

Possible cancer: liver, esophagus, lungs, pancreas or stomach

Many patients that are undiagnosed lose more than 10 pounds unexpectedly at the very first stage of cancer according to a report by ACS. As the cells affected by cancer affect the healthy ones, the body starts responding to it in the form of weight loss. Weight loss is very common in cancers the pancreas, liver, esophagus, and lungs.