Calluses and Corns: Best Home Remedies and How to Prevent it

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Most drugstores are loaded with drugs, medications, creams, oils, etc… to treat calluses and corns. Most of us just go with any products that make blind promises. But I am not accusing all the products dedicated to giving you the much-needed relief. however, if you do a little research on the ingredients that can soothe your condition and cure it, then your quest will have a lot more sense. To treat this condition you would first need a right oil to soften that rock hard skin layers followed by customised skin patches to protect the affected area and right pair of socks, shoes, slippers, and insoles to bring down the pain. If you have corns in your hands then you would need a right pair of gloves for protection. So let us look into remedies.

What triggers calluses and corns?