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Here is what not to do whilst you have got menstrual duration… It would possibly rely upon the month, some girls have smooth duration while the opposite ones have insufferable pain, and the subsequent month the state of affairs is one-of-a-kind. But, what exactly to do when you already dial with the period ache – follow the commands beneath:

UNPROTECTED SEX: The probabilities are high during this time to get pregnant. In order to avoid infections, it’s far fine now not to have intercourse all through a length.
NEVER SKIP MEALS: Try no longer to skip food whilst on a period. You need to remember the fact that you’re losing a whole lot of blood in the course of this time and food will best make you experience lively.

STAY AWAY FROM PHYSICAL WORK: If you experience again or stomach pain throughout duration’s, you should avoid doing any bodily paintings due to the fact it may best make your pain worse.

EAT FAST FOOD: Eating rapid food at 2 A.M. May also appear like an excellent idea, but your belly could be signing a distinct song after you have eaten that meals. Treat yourself by way of all method. Just do no longer consume an excessive amount of and do no longer eat bad food that you generally wouldn’t.

WORK: This is impossible for most of the people folks, however, I am all for women being allowed a few break day throughout their time of the month. Obviously, this may bring about an empty workplace maximum of the time, however as a minimum at some point would not hurt, right? Unfortunately, we do no longer live in an excellent global.

STAY UP ALL NIGHT: You will experience higher if you switch in early, irrespective of the possibility it takes you some time to fall asleep. Put on some sleeping sounds on YouTube and get a few close eye, drowsing splendor.

Extra Tips: You must no longer drink ice water (it can cause menstrual blood final in the uterine wall, after 5-10 years may want to cause “Cyst & Cancer RAHIM”).

Avoid drinking soda water: Try no longer to devour cucumbers (the substance consisted in cucumber can be the motive for some liquid to live within the uterus partitions).

source : blg1.lonaq.com