Top Signs That You Have Magnesium Deficiency and What to Do About It

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One of the most common minerals in the world is magnesium. It is also a mineral that we have inside our body and half of it, is present in our bones. Still, there are millions of people who are deficient in magnesium and they don’t even know it. There are no tests that will show you whether you lack magnesium, but your body will show you symptoms that you lack this mineral.

Why Our Body Needs Magnesium

We need a proper amount of magnesium because of 300 various reactions in our body. The soft tissues in our heart and brain also contain high amounts of the mineral. It helps our body eliminate toxins and regulate our body temperature. Magnesium offers us numerous benefits:

Treating diabetes

Preventing heart disease

Regulating blood pressure

Curing sleep disorders

Reversing osteoporosis

Strengthening bones

Creating proteins

Helping weight loss

Treating asthma

Alleviating anxietyand depression

Encouraging healthy circulation

Preventing stroke

Vitamin D,Magnesium & Calcium