Say goodbye to sore throats with 2 ingredients –

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If your throat is inflamed, dry, if it hurts or if you have difficulty swallowing, prepare this solution and will get rid of these problems after a few hours of use.

Follow the instructions below to solve your problems created by such sore throats:

Put one teaspoon of fine salt from the Himalayas in a cup of warm water. Mix until the salt is diluted.

Gargle with this solution, as needed, throughout the day and you’ll get rid of the pain caused by sore throats.
In this way, the secretion will be removed and the pain will diminish. Moreover, this solution encourages immunoglobulin solutions, creating mucous membrane immunity. For an enhanced effect, add juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

Extra Tip: you can gargle with chamomile and marshmallow, considering they have a calming effect and it creates a protective mucous membrane, which will lead to calm irritated throat.

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