Best home remedy for pneumonia !!

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Pneumonia is a serious disease, but in its early days it looks like a banal cold. Therefore, symptoms may be ignored, exacerbating the disease. Pneumonia appears when a microorganism infection attacks the lungs.

The following recipe works as a true antibiotic for pneumonia patients.

You need:
– 7-8 tablespoons of birch buds
– 5 tablespoons linden flowers
– 500 ml of water
– 1 kg of honey
– 200 g of aloe leaves
– 3 teaspoons of olive oil

Boil the birch buds and lime flowers for 2-3 minutes in 500 ml of water. Chop the aloe leaves and mix them with honey and olive oil. Strain the herbal tea and pour over the honey and aloe mixture. Mix with a wooden tablespoon. Consume one tablespoon 3 times a day and before every administration mix it well.

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