7 Symbols of Ovarian Tumor You Capacity Be Disregarding

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The ovarian cancer symptoms can be vague, but if you succeed to detect it early, it might be a key to survival.
Why are ovarian cancer symptoms so silent?
There exists the five-year relative survival rate for all types of ovarian cancer and it equals to fourty five  percent, but this number rises to ninety two percent if the cancer is caught in stage IA or IB, right before it is spread beyond the ovary, in accordance to the American Cancer Society. Because of the fact that ovarian cancer symptoms may be very hard to recognize, about seventy percent of all cases are not found until they have advanced to stage III or IV,

when it happens that the  chances for survival are a lot lower, notes Kevin Holcomb, a director of gynecologic oncology at Weill Cornell Medicine. This kind of cancer is not so much a silent disease, Dr. Holcomb notes. A huge number of females with ovarian cancer have some symptoms in the months and weeks leading up to the diagnosis but it is actually very sad that many are vague and nonspecific. This kind of cancer whispers, and therefore, you have to listen closely. Contrary to the breast cancer, there are no tests that have been developed to screen for ovarian cancer so accurately, which makes this cancer hard to be detected, but unless you report symptoms early yourself. In case you are feeling more than one of the symptoms for a week or more than this, consult with your doctor about getting a transvaginal sonogram, pelvic examination, or a CA 125 blood test, which will help detect ovarian cancer. There follows the things OB-GYNs wish you knew about this cancer.