12 Signs That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

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fYour body relies on food to obtain energy, so it’s normal to feel energy deprived if you haven’t had anything in the past few hours. But if you have just had a meal and still your stomach rumbles, this calls for an alarming situation. High blood sugar levels prevent glucose from entering into cells because of which the body is unable to receive energy and demands for food again and again.

Increased fatigue

Do you feel you have unexplained, persistent, and relapsing exhaustion? And if yes, do you feel that too often? Well, getting tired without doing anything or feeling weak all the time, all these are symptoms of high sugar intake. Consuming too much sugar does not allow the body to store and absorb glucose properly. Hence, the cells are unable to release energy, and so you feel tired almost every time.

Dry mouth, excessive thirst

rom fruit juice to peanut butter, you will find sugar even in the most unexpected products. Plus a huge chunk of the population relies on canned and processed foods which does nothing but increase the sugar intake. Too much of anything results in a doom’s day.


Sugar overpowering you have resulted into diabetes turning out to be a widespread disease. Hence, I am here to make you aware of the signs that your body gives you if you’re eating too much sugar. Prevention is better than cure, understand these symptoms and take the appropriate measures.

A dry mouth and strong thirst are all causes of fluid loss. In such a case the body experiences dehydration and sends signals to the brain. You, for sure, cannot control the demands of the body. So, whenever you feel damn thirsty, drink water or tea without sugar to quench your thirst.

Weight loss

One loss that makes us all happy is the loss of weight. But if you feel that you have shed pous in a short span of time and without any diet or exercise, then it’s a matter of concern. Since the body is unable to utilize glucose, it starts using the fat. Another reason could be fluid loss and yet another reason could be body dumping the excess glucose because a large amount of urine at a high level of glucose makes the body spend more calories.

Infectious diseases

A large amount of sugar creates a favorable environment for the yeast and bacteria to reproduce in our body. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) are common in both men and women but they are found much more in women with high sugar levels.