8 Signs Of Ovarian Cancer You Might Be Ignoring

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If ovarian cancer is diagnosed early, it can be treated fully and women can be expected to continue their lives in a happy note. Unfortunately, the early signs of ovarian cancer have not been noticeable by many women until it reaches its later stages.

So, learning those symptoms might help you to take proper medications at the right time to be healthy again.

8 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer:

1.Abdominal Bleeding:

Ovarian cancer will not only allow tumors to grow quite large, but it also results in fluid formation around them. This results in creating uncomfortable bloating feeling.

2.Loss Of Appetite:

If you find yourself getting full faster than before or unable to eat as much as you can, then it’s time to check yourself and to consult your doctor.

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Nausea is a common symptom for many diseases, you might take it easily. But if you are suffering with nausea for longer period of time then consult your physician immediately.

4.Increased Urinary Urgency:

Fast growing of tumor will crowd adjacent tissues and organs. This crowding results in making your bladder full more often. If you are experiencing urinary urgency then make an appointment with your doctor.

5.Painful Intercourse:

If you feel sex is becoming painful and continues to be more painful far more than two weeks, it’s better to consult your doctor.

6.Menstrual Irregularities:

According to Ovarian Cancer National Alliance there are number of causes behind the problem of menstrual irregularities or bleeding between your periods. While an irregular period might not be the cause of ovarian cancer, a combination of other symptoms along with it could indicate a larger one.

7.Persistent Back, Pelvic And Abdominal Pain:

As we mentioned above cancerous masses can put pressure on other organs of your body causing them to ache. Pain in the surrounding areas might also because of the spread of cancer.

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8.Difficulty In Breathing:

In the early stages of cancer, you might experience difficulty in breathing especially when you lie down.

And when the tumor spread in to the other parts they begin to press against the lungs and obstruct you to inhale and exhale.

Make sure you consult your physician when you experience it.

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