10 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes Everyone Should Know!

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10 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes: Type 2 Diabetes affects a huge amount of population every year all over the world. People with Type 2 Diabetes lose the ability to use the glucose in the blood and prolonged uncontrolled sugar levels can further damage the kidneys and nerves.

With the enormous number of cases surfacing, it is important for everyone to know the early signs of this condition.

The early signs of Type 2 Diabetes are easily noticeable and you can prevent the disease from progressing if you take requited actions immediately.

1. Increased and More Frequent Urination:

A significant increase in the number of times you urinate is the most common sign of Type 2 Diabetes.

When the sugar levels in the blood are too high, then the kidneys cannot keep up with the amount of glucose and try to remove the excessive sugar from the blood which leads to an individual to urinate more often.

An average individual urinates 5-7 times in a day, if you feel like urinating immediately after you just went, it can be warning sign.

The production of more urine can also increase the risk of urinary tract infection.

You should consider getting yourself examined by a doctor if you notice that you need to go to the bathroom more often than you used to before.

2. Increased Thirst: