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The purpose of a hundred ailments is our subject. As per an old Japanese legend, a dad gave his child a colossally significant information that he has gained from his very own dad. He uncovered the mystery about a point which can prompt life span, as it can forestall a hundred maladies. The child pursued his dad’s recommendation and consistently kneaded this point on his body.
As his dad guaranteed, this training has helped the child live sufficiently long to see the birth and demise of numerous heads.
Our body contains 365 points and 12 noteworthy meridians, the equivalent in number with the days and months in a year. Pressure point massage depends on the arrangement of these meridians and channels, and their connection to various body organs. Pressure point massage incorporates the technique for squeezing certain purposes of the body with the fingers.
Chinese medication views the body as a vitality framework, and the back rub of these body focuses will impact the progression of vitality in the body, and it will lift and upgrade the capacity of the body organs.
Today, we will uncover a standout amongst the most significant body focuses, called “the purpose of life span” in China, and “the purpose of a hundred ailments” by the Japanese.