The Natural Way To Get Rid Of Scabies Without Getting Re-Infested

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Scabies is an infection caused by a parasite. This mite lives in the skin, and the first symptoms are hard to identify.

Scabies is contagious if you get into contract with an infected person. It’s very widespread during the hot season, when the female scabies parasites are attracted to the sweaty skin to lay their eggs.

Scabies eggs can remain in the skin for one month before the patient first experiences symptoms.
If you don’t treat scabies in time, there is a risk that your whole family will contract it. Usually, the scabs are formed when the skin is severely attacked and can cause blood infections such as septicemia. So, untreated scabies could lead to death.

Treated naturally, scabies will disappear quickly, without any side effects, and the following remedy based on vinegar has antibacterial properties that can change the pH of the skin. You can use this product to relieve itching, burning sensation and skin inflammation.