How To Use Listerine For Toenail Fungus Effortlessly

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What Is Listerine?

Listerine was named after joseph Lister in 1865, the man who was labelled the father of modern antiseptics.

Menthol, Camphorand thymol found in listerine has anti fungal and antiseptic properties.

It is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to treat nail infection without any difficulties because it is easy to apply.

It is commonly known as a treatment for cavities and gingivitis.

This is a guide on how to use listerine for toenail fungus.

Do you know that not all listerine are safe for you skin?

How do you get rid of toenail fungus with Listerine?

What Are Listerine For Nail Fungus Side Effects?

No harsh side effects have been reported by previous users or any serious risks.

  • Using listerine foot soak for some time can cause the foot to change color and take the color of the mouthwash you are using.

The effect is external, pain free, will not cause any harm and will disappear after some time.

  • If you want to use the treatment on children please see pediatrician to get their opinion.
  • It can only lead to serious complications to people with diabetes or any serious medical conditions.

Listerine Toenail Fungus Before And After

How To Make Listerine Foot Soak Recipe?

Does soaking your feet in Listerine really work?