Eczema by Clemons

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I was suffering from eczema for about 7 months, which means that I really know how uncomfortable it can be and how it affects your everyday life. Although I didn’t have a very serious case, I had it on three of my fingers on my right hand, which means I had to be careful all the time to prevent any infections.

From what I found it’s called dyshidrotic eczema, or simply dyshidrosis. Some sources also refer to it as pompholyx. Of course it didn’t look very nice so I also used to simply kind of hide my fingers in the public when it was possible.

After being involuntarily through all the hassle, problems and bad feelings caused by my eczema I can tell from the first hand that it really sucks and back then I would have given anything for a good advice that would lead to curing it once and for all.

So as you can imagine, I hopped onto the internet and started the long searching. I would browse literally every website out there like live discussions, forums, blogs, etc. that had something to do with eczema and allergies. I only realized that winning eczema is harder then it seemed and all I found were mainly stories of people struggling with different types of eczema years and years without any permanent success.