Proven Tips To Reduce Feeling Bloated

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Feeling bloated has several causes. Scientifically, it’s referred to as abdominal bloating, which causes the abdomen to feel full and tight. Although one of the most common causes is build up gas, it can also be due to other factors. Whatever the reason might be, and as long as it’s not chronic (because you should see a doctor if you feel bloated all the time) Here is our list of proven tips to reduce feeling bloated.

Make Sure To Have a Healthy Diet

Eating junk food is a key element into the build up of gases in your intestines. What many people don’t know is that feeling bloated after a meal will go away on its own. However, you can always speed up the process to avoid the uncomfortable feeling. If you are regular suffering from this issue, try to start eating leafy veggies, and avoid eating too much fiber such as lentils.

Try To Walk Often

Frequent movement is a great way to reduce feeling bloated. In fact, girls on their periods are recommended to take a walk to feel better. walking is an efficient exercise to release excess gas and stool. If you are feeling uncomfortably bloated, take a walk around the block to feel so much better.