How to Remove Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin tags, and Age Spots Completely Naturally

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One of the most common health complications millions of people encounter on daily basis are skin conditions, appearing in the form of warts, moles, dark spots, age spots, acne and others.

While you have the option to go out and try expensive commercial products, most of them are loaded with chemicals and often end up worsening the condition. That is why we recommend you to take a look on how to treat each condition using a natural homemade solution:

  • Warts

Warts can easily be treated by crushing a garlic clove and applying it on the affected area, before covering it up with a bandage. Let the garlic clove sit for half an hour before washing the area well. Repeat this twice a day.

You can also crush a few vitamin C tablets in a dish and mix them with a teaspoon of water. Apply the resulting paste on the affected area on daily basis.

  • Moles

Mixing a pinch of baking soda with a few drops of castor oil, and applying the mixture on the mole twice a day for one month straight will cause the mole to fall on its own.

You can also try using pineapple juice. Soak a bit of pineapple juice with a cotton swab and apply it on the affected area.

  • Skin Tags

Soak a cotton ball in some acv and rub it on the affected area gently. Repeat this three times a day and the skin tag will be gone in a few weeks.

You can try dampening a cotton ball with water and dropping a few drops of tea tree oil on it, before massaging the affected area with the cotton ball.

  • Blackheads

Blackheads can easily be treated using cinnamon. Just mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and lemon juice and apply it on your face for 15 minutes before washing it off.

Either that or you can try preparing a bowl of oatmeal before you mix in a teaspoon of honey and juice from four tomatoes. Mix everything together well and scrub the mixture on your face before rinsing it off after 1 minute.

  • Age Spots

Age spots are best treated with Rosehip essential oil. Just apply it on your age spots for 2 minutes few times a week and in a short period of time, the age spots should disappear.

Geranium oil is also beneficial, as it is loaded with antioxidants that help reduce age spots.